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Bella's Apricot Orange Compote

Crafted by Prima Dolce Company

 Greenwich, CT

We just love our compote.  

It's like tasting sunshine.  

Made in small batches; 

we slow cooked the apricots & juice of oranges . 

It's Spoonable! 

Try on pancakes, yogurt,  delicious with Manchego cheese.

Add a new flavor to your dish and use as a glaze on chicken, ham or turkey!

 Check out  this Recipe for

Siracchia Apricot Wings.

 Spicy & Delicious. 


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My name is Lisa.  Welcome to The Flavorful Kitchen! So glad you stopped by.

I am a Food Crafter and Flavor Explorer.   Always seeking a new spice, food, fruit, cookware and technique to create delicious foods. My journeys are daily, whether near or far, I always learn something new.  And, the best part is meeting great people along the way!  Making new friends and sharing stories about food and family traditions.

The Flavorful Kitchen is always evolving.  It's central story is about food.  But there is so much more.  Not only exploring the richness of another culture's food legacies, but about encouraging you to add a dish or spice to your family's food legacy.  Bridging cultures through food. 

I hope you join our Flavorful Kitchen Community and be a part of the food conversations.  There is so much to learn about foods from around the world, sustainability, nutrition and being part of healthy food for everyone.

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